BURN Intense and fast. Full body workout using multiple movement planes designed to make you leaner, feel fitter and shred fat.   No equipment needed. All abilities welcome.



A bespoke service where you will work with one of our SF PRO nutrition coaches to help you achieve your personal goals and optimal health.
A bespoke program that provides you with direct access to one of our SF PRO coaches for a completely personalised plan.


From £99.00

Combining our two ENGAGE products, you will have the full support for both training and nutrition to maximise progress and reach your desired goals.


From £149.00

Real time, live classes delivered by our coaches to make you sweat, feel stronger and be visibly leaner whilst training from your front room.



The virtual PT experience! Benefit from having a live 1-1 PT session to make sure you form is perfect, your plan is progressive and results are guaranteed!
STRONG Use multiple movements and apply muscular tension to increase your overall strength. Using only your body weight as a tool, learn how to maximise control through strength movements to help improve posture, reduce injury and improve your general physique.   Expect to slow things down, tune in with your body and build some solid foundations!   No equipment needed. All abilities welcome.



YOGA This 30-minute yoga class will leave you feeling stretched out and energised for the day! We will focus on gently building flexibility, strength and core whilst allowing your breath to guide you.   No equipment needed, yoga mat preferable. Open to all yogi levels.