The Dynamic subscription provides you with direct access to one of our SF PRO coaches for a completely personalised plan. If you are looking to maximise progress, achieve amazing results and want a professional to help you steer the way, our Dynamic plan is the perfect fit!

Dynamic Subscription

From £39.99

GLUTE CLUB Who's up for leg day? This class targets mainly your glute muscles and thighs – isolating each body part helps to develop tone and definition to provide greater lower-body strength. Be prepared to be pushed hard and expect to have shaky legs post-workout.

Glute Club


GUN CLUB Get your tickets to the gun show. In this class prepare the swans to start flexing. We will run you through a number of exercises that will engage the biceps and triceps to leave a satisfying feeling in your arms. 

Gun Club


HIIT Intense and fast. Full body workout using multiple movement planes designed to make you leaner, feel fitter and shred fat.



KETTLEBELS A Kettlebell class done properly. For all abilities; learn correct form and technique using these amazing bits of equipment that are versatile, hardwearing and definitely hard work.



STRONG Learn new movements, increase your strength and have fun in our Strong class. This is where we bring out the fun stuff. No more running out of breath when you get to the top of the stairs.



Our Universal training platform provides you with a new program every month and full access to our content library of professionally approved training videos and workouts. Accompanied by our nutritional education tools make this plan a recipe for success!
The Virtual subscription is our most exclusive online service, providing you with full virtual experience with one of our SF PRO coaches helping you stay motivated, maximise progress and achieve fast results! We have used the word Virtual because it’s just that...think of it as a PT in your pocket.

Virtual Subscription

From £59.99