SF Retreat

SF Retreat


The SF Retreat is an all-inclusive fitness and wellness retreat situated in a beautifully renovated Quinta remotely buried in the heart of Portugal on a riverside location. 

Situated on the banks of the Portuguese Mondego river, the eco-friendly and self-sustainable Quinta (Portuguese farm) it's the perfect home to our all-inclusive fitness and wellness retreats. Benefit from our extensive daily activities programme, including yoga and meditation, high intensity and strength training sessions, and outdoor activities to discover your beautiful surroundings.

An optional itinerary of training, education and fun, all delivered by our team of industry leading coaches. Feel a sense of community and make friends for life with like-minded individuals, indulge in freshly prepared cuisine using locally sourced ingredients with all meals carefully curated to complement your training and while away your free time at our newly built infinity pool and jacuzzi.

We guarantee you the utmost restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation whilst deep into the wilderness in pure tranquillity – get ready to begin your journey to the best version of you. #UnearthYourSoul